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Behold Gakuto - the reigning Sling Puck champion of GennFlex!

Dare to defeat the champion? With clever programming and creative mechanical design you just might have a fighting chance. Mount your trusted six-axis robot, arm yourself with the Sling Puck board, read the rules, and come to face the challenge!

Robot vs. Robot
830 mm height
285 mm playfield

What is Sling Puck?

Sling Puck is a 2-player fast-paced tabletop game, similar to air hockey.

The goal is to clear your board of five pucks by launching them to your opponent’s side, while your opponent tries to clear theirs at the same time.

Use the elastic sling to launch your puck into the hole right in the middle of the board. The trick is you are not allowed to remove pucks off the board. Everything must stay on the board to count.

Who can play?

The #GakutoSlingPuck challenge is open to anybody with a robot and a thrill for competition. Student organizations, companies, or even individual enthusiasts are welcome. Some basic requirements:
  • Six-Axis Robot Or Equivalent
  • Your own Sling Puck Board
  • Standard Play Height: 830 mm.

Do you have what it takes to unseat our champion?

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The Sling Puck Rule Book To Dominate Them All