Welcome to GennFlex!

GennFlex is a team of like-minded industry professionals that saw a growing need in out-of-the-box robotic integration and industrial training solutions. We have a passion for creating new innovative products that are different from the rest because they have been designed as flexible and modular tools that will grow with you as you continue using them.

When it comes to robotic integrations, we are creating opportunities for a shop owner or plant manager to increase productivity, place robots to perform mundane and repetitive tasks, while letting your most precious assets, your people, focus on more creative and rewarding tasks.

We take all of our experience in building industrial tools and apply it to the educational solutions, thus creating the tools that realistically represent the actual modern factory environment at a very accessible and affordable level. We believe our tools help many aspiring industry professionals master their skills and define their future career paths.

We dedicate this blog to bringing our insights, experiences, and tips to all of you who are interested in the modern-day technologies that are shaping up Industry 4.0. Stop by to read and learn, or better yet, subscribe to our mailing list to be among the first to learn about the latest developments from GennFlex.

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