Our second month of the internship has come to a close and the interns have gone through a lot of projects and are working on even more!

The teams finished working on their specific programs, the Cognex Vision System, Keyence PLC programming, and the Pneumatics program. They have now trained the other interns on how to use their programs.

In between projects, teams have also created fun cool TikToks that have the robots doing crazy things, like playing tic-tac-toe and beating a human in 2 moves! Awesome Job!

After teaching each group how to master each program they learned, they are ready for the next project, a competition!

The teams go head to head to create the best Sling Puck-playing robot. Each team designed their own code as well as a robot gripper to shoot the pucks. In the end, the victor of the competition was Team Marksmen! Job well-done guys!

Once they finished the competition they moved around to start working on the final projects that will then be presented at IMTS SmartForce Student Summit 2022!

We are excited to show you what we the interns working on next. Be sure to check back on us to see the intern’s progress for August!

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