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What are the challenges of Higher Ed STEM programs?

According to our research, the main challenges the Higher Ed STEM programs facing are:

  • Keeping pace with technology

    With the rapid development of modern technologies, it becomes increasingly difficult for many colleges and universities to ensure their STEM labs are equipped with the latest technology, and that the curriculum is updated accordingly.

  • Providing hands-on experience

    Years of focused studies in colleges and universities enrich students with a wealth of information. That knowledge by itself, however, is not enough to be competitive in the job market. Students need to validate what they learn and test their skills by experiencing the latest technology while engaging in real-life automation application development.

These are not easy challenges to overcome.

Would you like to learn how we propose to solve them?

Keeping pace with technology

It is impossible to prepare future generations of Industry 4.0 engineers by teaching them about obsolete equipment. Your students need to have access to the newest technologies that are relevant to and actively used by the industry.

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