RTM-YAG48 Robotic Training Module


A member of the GennFlex family of industrial training modules, the RTM-YAG48 is a versatile robotic training system, powered by the YASKAWA GP8 robot and YRC1000 controller. This pre-engineered, Industry 4.0-ready solution is ideal for classrooms, labs, and training centers offering automation or mechatronic programs.

RTM-YAG48 Robotic Training Module

Features At-a-Glance

Flexible Configuration
Tooling & Accessories
380-460 VAC 3-PH Power
8 KG / 17.6 LB PAYLOAD


A member of the GennFlex family of industrial training modules, the RTM-YAG48 is a versatile robotic training system, powered by the YASKAWA GP8 robot and YRC1000 controller. This pre-engineered, Industry 4.0-ready solution is ideal for classrooms, labs, and training centers offering automation or mechatronic programs.

Key Features

  • Flexible Configuration
    Flexible Configuration

    Easily scale and augment your RTM-YAG48 robotic module to match the requirements of you curriculum.
    The RTM-YAG48, like other GennFlex training modules, comes in a standard base package that can be easily adapted to your unique curriculum requirements. The flexibility of the design allows using the RTM-YAG48 at different levels of training complexity, from the basics all the way to the levels approaching the real production environment.

  • Scalable Solution
    Scalable Solution

    The RTM-YAG48 operates independently, or in conjunction with the other GennFlex industrial training modules. Representing the next generation of industrial training systems, the RTM-YAG48 is more than a stand-alone robot cart - it is part of a highly adaptable and modular industrial training system.

  • Working Surface Modularity
    Working Surface Modularity

    The RTM-YAG48 working surface is designed to accommodate different robot and accessory module positions to optimize its operation for a given routine.

  • Component Level Modularity
    Component Level Modularity

    With a variety of optional plug-n-play modules, such as 2D/3D vision, conveyors, rotaries, and linear positioners, you can augment the RTM-YAG48 functionality as needed. By default, the RTM-YAG48 includes a quiet electric gripper with adjustable fingers.


    Combine the RTM-YAG48 with the available GennFlex training modules to build manufacturing cells on-the-fly and reproduce a full production cycle, from the raw material processing to final product packaging.

  • Robust Foundation
    Robust Foundation

    Lightweight extruded aluminum cart is fully equipped with a suite of industrial grade academic tools to meet the requirements of secondary and post-secondary educational programs. The cart's dimensions and design is standardized across the entire RTM series of training modules, thus ensuring high levels of modularity and interoperability.

  • 460 Volt 3 Phase Power
    460 Volt 3 Phase Power

    Plugs into a 380 - 460 Volt 3-phase power outlet.

  • Minimal Footprint
    Minimal Footprint

    The RTM-YAG48 is easily transportable, fits through standard 33 inch door openings and easily glides on adjustable castors.


RTM-YAG48 Data Sheet
Frame Structure
Extruded Aluminum
Top Surface Material
G-10 Composite
Power Requirement
380-460 VAC 3-PH
829 mm (33 in)
1,056 mm (42 in)
1,680 mm (66 in)
221 kg (487 lb)
GP8 Data Sheet
6-Axis Articulated Arm
Horizontal Reach
727 mm (28.6 in)
±0.01 mm (±0.0004 in)
Power Consumption
0.5 kVA
8 kg (17.6 lb)
Smart (default), Standard (optional)



Student safety is the cornerstone of our design philosophy

  • Safety Scanner
    Safety Scanner

    Fenceless design with integrated IDEC or Keyence laser safety scanner offers 270ᵒ of unobstructed coverage for a safe working zone. If anyone enters the safe zone during robot operation, the scanner will instantly stop the robot.

  • Light Tower
    Light Tower

    The RTM-YAG48 includes a 3-Tier IDEC Light Tower for instant visual indication of the module's operation status.

  • Reduced Robot Speed
    Reduced Robot Speed

    Robot play speed is limited to 25% for safety.

  • Warning Zone
    Warning Zone

    During robot operation, if anyone enters the warning zone (see the in yellow safety area in the image), the robot movements are further reduced for safety.

  • Protection Zone
    Protection Zone

    Whenever anyone enters the protection zone (see the red safety area in the image), the robot operation is instantly halted for safety.

  • Emergency stop switch
    Emergency stop switch

    An emergency stop switch is located on the Smart or Standard pendant, whichever is attached to the robot controller.

Powered By YASKAWA

Yaskawa GP8 Robot

Six-Axis High-Speed Assembly and Handling Robot
Ideal for high-speed assembly and handling applications, the GP8 robot is fast and compact. The GP8 is a highly efficient robot offering the highest payload, fastest speed, and best wrist allowable moment in its class. This robot was primarily designed for machine tending, part transfer, and assembly applications.

Yaskawa YRC1000 Controller

Versatile Industrial Robot Controller

Powerful and precise, the YRC1000 controller offers a number of advantages beneficial for the industrial training environment. Paired with the matching Smart (default) or Standard Teach Pendants from Yaskawa, it provides ability to evaluate 3D simulation of robot motion on screen before or during robot execution.

Yaskawa MotoSim Software

Build and Simulate a Robotic Workcell
Yaskawa provides MotoSim EG-VRC for building and simulating your robot cell. MotoSim is designed for accurate offline programming of complex systems. With the virtual robot controller function, simulation software can be used for optimizing robot and equipment placement, reach modeling, accurate cycle calculations, automatic path generation.

Integrated Storage Drawer

Every RTM module comes equipped with an integrated storage drawer. Inside the drawer you will find pre-cut foam inserts for a set of tools and accessories supplied with the module.

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