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Whether conducting a basic CNC Controls training in your company or building a STEM program for your school district, you will find this router cart indispensable. Being part of our innovative cart module series, it can be easily paired with any other GennFlex module to create a customized production work flow.

CENTROID Acorn CNC software

Learning the CNC basics on MTM-RC6040A1 is future proof: when you move on to working on larger CNC machines you will be surprised to see that the software you learned to use on the little CNC router is the same or very similar to the one used in the industry.

MTM-RC6040A1 CNC Router Module

Features At-a-Glance

Processed Materials


MTM-RC6040A1 is a high quality versatile machine that packs the functionality of larger industrial grade routers into smaller and more affordable package. Its 800 Watt powered spindle can cut through most of the material listed above with precision, speed and performance of a true industrial grade tool. Design innovation, careful component selection, classic American approach to the manufacturing process are the key ingredients that make our CNC Routers more reliable, precise and functional compared to similar machines on the market.

MTM-RC6040A1, just like most other routers, is designed to machine or cut wood, engineered wood, plastics, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, metal composite materials, vinyl, paper, cardboard, foam, fabric, rubber and similar materials.

MTM-RC6040A1 comes with a custom-built router controller that is designed and built in the USA. Rest assured, you are getting a high-quality and durable router that consistently performs the way you need and expect.

Any controller needs a powerful software to run. And MTM-RC6040A1 does not disappoint: it is powered by Centroid CNC12 easy-to-use software, a scaled down version of the software that is used to control larger industrial machines. This time-tested and highly regarded software is key to making GennFlex routers easy to learn and simple to use.

Its robust aluminum cart frame provides a sturdy base and is compatible with the other GennFlex modules such as robotic, laser marking and similar carts. This allows including this CNC router as a module in building a complete production cycle.

This cart has the same dimensions as most other GennFlex carts and thus can be easily transported through standard door openings.

MTM-RC6040A1 CNC Router Module is intended for STEM education programs, industrial training and hobbyist markets.

Key Features

  1. Powered by Centroid Acorn CNC Control
    Best-in-class CNC Controller logic and software from our partners at Centroid CNC.
  2. 22” x 16” x 4″ Cutting Area Space saving design, fits on the provided cart or a desktop
  3. Precision ball screws on all three axes
  4. Limit switches on all three axes
  5. 800 W high frequency spindle
  6. Precision motion powered by brushless stepper motors
  7. Touch plate for easy tool calibration
  8. Rigid aluminum construction
    Robust and sturdy aluminum cart frame provides a solid support for the router, as well as ensures interoperability with other GennFlex carts.


MTM-RC6040A1 Data Sheet
Frame Structure
Extruded Aluminum
Top Surface Material
G-10 Composite
Support Type
4 x height adjustable feet;
4 x castors
Power Requirement
110 VAC / 15 Amp
839 mm (33 in)
1,056 mm (42 in)
1,680 mm (66 in)
100 kg (220 lb)
Router Data Sheet
Number of Axes
3 (X, Y, Z)
Machining Bed
T-Slot Table
Table Size
850 x 600 mm (33.5 x 23.6 in)
X,Y,Z Working Area
22" (X) x 16" (Y) x 4" (Z)
Cutting Thickness
up to 95 mm
Frame Material
Aluminum Alloy
Stepper Motors
3 x 2-Phase 3A
Positional Accuracy
±0,2 mm
Spindle Speed
3,000 - 24,000 RPM
Spindle Rated Power
Collet Type
ER11 (6mm)
Controller Software
Centroid Acorn CNC


Scope Of Delivery

Router and Cart Assembly (1)
3-Axis CNC Controller (1)
PC with keyboard and mouse (1)
PC Mounting Bracket (1)
Routing Bits (2)
Engraving Bit (1)
3mm Spring Collet (1)
6mm Spring Collet (1)
2x 13/17mm Wrench (1)
4x Routing Bed Clamps (1)
Touchpad (1)
Sample Material Pack (2 sheets)
Cart keyboard drawer/shelf (1)
CNC Mill ‘Pro’ Software (1)
Aluminum Power Strip 6-Outlet (1)

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