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EDU-SYS-2-YA14 Hardware Package

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A core part of the GennFlex EDU System I, the EDU-SYS-2-YA14 Hardware Package is a versatile yet compact robotic training module, powered by the YASKAWA GP4 robot and YRC1000micro controller. This pre-engineered, Industry 4.0-ready solution is ideal for classrooms, labs, and training centers offering robotic, automation, or mechatronic programs.


RTM-YAG14 Robotic Training Module

Features At-a-Glance

Flexible Configuration
Tooling & Accessories
110 Volt Power Requirement
EDU-SYS-2-YA11 Hardware Package

Scope of Delivery

Robotic Cart Assembly

  • YASKAWA GP4 6-Axis Robot
    YASKAWA GP4 6-Axis Robot
  • Yaskawa YRC1000micro controller
    Yaskawa YRC1000micro controller
  • Yaskawa Smart Pendant
    Yaskawa Smart Pendant

    With pendant holder and cable winder

  • Fully Enclosed Frame
    Fully Enclosed Frame

    Aluminum extrusion frame with casters

  • Modular G-10 Work Surface
    Modular G-10 Work Surface
  • 3-segment Tower Light
    3-segment Tower Light
  • Control Cabinet
    Control Cabinet
  • 110/220 Step-up AC Autotransformer
    110/220 Step-up AC Autotransformer
  • Input/Output Pendant
    Input/Output Pendant

    With mounting bracket

  • Storage Drawer
    Storage Drawer

    Essential tools included inside the drawer

  • Storage Cabinet with trays
    Storage Cabinet with trays

    Houses included teaching aids

  • Conveyor

    With the sensor bracket

Peripherals & Accessories

  • Schunk electric gripper with cable
    Schunk electric gripper with cable
  • GennFlex Quick-change tool adapter set
    GennFlex Quick-change tool adapter set
  • 3D-printed gripper fingers (2 sets)
    3D-printed gripper fingers (2 sets)
  • Peripheral connection cable management system
    Peripheral connection cable management system

Teaching Aids

  • 110 VAC single phase conveyor
    110 VAC single phase conveyor

    With controller, guide with integrated IR sensor bracket

  • IR sensor
    IR sensor
  • Dry-erase board and markers
    Dry-erase board and markers
  • 1
    1" Color cubes
  • Cube rack
    Cube rack
  • Miniature pallets
    Miniature pallets
  • TCP (Tool Control Point) tool
    TCP (Tool Control Point) tool
  • XYZ coordinates model
    XYZ coordinates model

Powered By YASKAWA

Yaskawa GP4 Robot

Six-Axis High-Speed Assembly and Handling Robot

The agile Yaskawa GP4 offers high performance for a number of applications. With the axis speeds of up to 1000/s, repeatability of ±0.01 mm, IP67 protection class, small footprint, and a payload of up to 4 kg, it is ideally suited for high precision assembly, quality testing, and machine tending applications.

YRC1000micro Controller

Ultra-Compact Industrial Robot Controller

Powerful and precise, the ultra-compact YRC1000micro controller offers a number of advantages beneficial for the industrial training environment. Paired with the matching Smart (default) or Standard Teach Pendants from Yaskawa, it provides ability to evaluate 3D simulation of robot motion on screen before or during robot execution.

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