OF GennFlex Training Solutions

GennFlex offers turnkey automation and robotics training solutions that schools, colleges, and workforce organizations integrate into STEM or industrial education programs.

The Building Blocks

of our training solutions

Hardware and
teaching aids

EDU packages for robotics, CNC, PLC, Pneumatics, Machine Vision and related classes


Developed in-house and in partnership with the leading equipment manufacturers


Providing STEM instructors the knowledge, hands-on experience, and resources to excel in teaching


Hardware and Teaching Aids

We ally with industry leaders such as Yaskawa Motoman, SMC, Keyence, Cognex, and other global industrial brands to use their newest products in our training equipment builds. We only use production-grade components and technologies to ensure that our students have access to the latest and greatest innovations in robotics and automation.


Developed in-house and with OEM Partners

Our curriculum is focused on areas of study that are relevant to the industry and delivers the skill sets and knowledge that are in high demand by the employers. We base our training programs on the latest developments and technologies to which we have access through partnerships across the globe.


Areas of Study

Machine Vision


Training and Certification

Our STEM instructor training courses provide the much-needed knowledge, hands-on experience, and resources that allow teachers and instructors to excel in teaching STEM and industrial programs.

Our Vision on the role of

STEM Instructors

STEM instructors play a crucial role in delivering training programs to make the world a better place — one that is safer, more efficient, and more sustainable — and to share the knowledge that benefits the lives of all people. For this to happen, our instructors must be comprised of people from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and personal experiences. Their students, the future generations of engineers, are coming from all walks of life, and they must have equal and fair access to the most advanced education to succeed in this mission.

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