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New Product Submission Form

Please make sure to submit only acurate and updated product information.

Product Q&A

Aka MPN, PN, is the product identifier in the GennFlex product database. Must be unique and follow the established nomenclature.

Example: EDU-SYS-1-YA11

SKU or other part numbers used internally for the bill of material or order tracking, if applicable.

GennFlex, or the OEM Brand name for products distributed by GennFlex.

A product name or title appears at the top of the store listings. Should be relatively short but have enough information to set it apart from similar products in the store. For that, make sure to add a critical specification. For example, if we are adding similar robotic carts but with different robot models, add the model of the robot and/ or its controller.

Detailed product description which includes:

Overview - what this product does and what applications it is used for.

Key Features - a list of features that set this product apart from other GennFlex or competing products.

Specifications - list important specifications that are likely to guide the buyer in making the purchase decisions.

Add any notes related to this submission, version or design change updates, etc.

Indicate typical item ship time from the date of order.

E.g. 4-5 days, or 3-4 weeks, etc.

If the item is immediately available for shipping, then enter "In stock".

Particularly important for options, upgrades, and peripherals. List the products that this new product can be used with.

List any other products that are required for this product functionality.

Itemized list of every standard component or accessory included with the product. Indicate the quantity of each item on the list.


YRC1000micro controller (1);

colored blocks, set of 12 (1)

Do not list options or add-ons that are available, but are not included in the standard package by default.

A minimum of one image or render is required for the product submission.

File Names: label the images with the corresponding model number. For multiple images of the same product, add "-take2" to the end of the file name.

Example: edu-sys-1-ya11-take1.jpg, edu-sys-1-ya11-take2.jpg, ...

Image formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF.


Dimensions (print): do not crop, keep the original size.

Resolution (web/digital): 300 ppi

Background: for PNG or TIFF, transparent background, for JPG - white background.


Dimensions (web/digital): 1000 x 1000 px

Resolution (web/digital): 72 ppi

Background: for PNG or TIFF, transparent background, for JPG - white background.

Product Manuals, brochures, spec sheets, assembly instructions, etc.