Mobile Training Delivery

What is Mobile Training?

Mobile Training, one of the unique services of GennFlex, is the delivery of training equipment and, optionally, our training instructors to the requested training venue.

Mobile Training Use Cases

Not all schools or educational organizations have full-scale STEM or Robotics training programs to justify investments in training equipment.

When your STEM programs’ scale and enrollment levels fluctuate, or your facilities do not allow for a dedicated STEM lab, mobile training delivery might be an efficient way to deliver advanced robotics training to your students.

Mobile Training delivery is often the only option available to school districts or home schools with limited student enrollment. All they need to do is cooperate in selecting a commonly accessible location, coordinate their training schedules, and contract a GennFlex MTS to arrive there to conduct the training classes.

We deliver all the equipment required for the planned classes to one of our Mobile Training Stations (MTS). Each MTS fits up to 5 GennFlex EDU carts or up to 8 AUX carts and is equipped with a power liftgate. When renting, the school only needs to prepare the classroom with a 110V power supply.

Benefits of Mobile Training Delivery

  • Class scheduling flexibility
  • Access to the entire catalog of GennFlex courses
  • No equipment to purchase or maintain
  • No requirement to train and certify an instructor
  • Scale up and down your program to reflect the enrollment levels

Service Area

Currently, the service area is limited to Wheeling, IL, and the 15 miles radius around it.