Meet Gakuto

Our industrious student who loves to

Robotics, Pneumatics, Machine Vision,

and all things STEM

Gakuto is a small robot with huge potential and even larger dreams!

Why does Gakuto love STEM?

Because it is Fun! It is the Future! It gives Gakuto the knowledge and skills that lead the way to fantastic and exciting careers in engineering and the technologies of tomorrow!

He plays to learn

From scoring a win in tic-tac-toe, to drawing hearts and shapes, he does it all with precision and mastery!

He learns to build

Perhaps not the Egyptian pyramids yet, but he surely knows how to move the blocks around.

and competes with his friends all over the world!

Sounds like fun? Find out more about Gakuto’s own Robotics Club, and tell your friends, parents, and teachers.

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