Internship 2022 June Update

Now that the introductory robotics training is over, our interns are now split into three teams, each assigned a specific application that can be used with our MotoMini robots. These applications are PLC programming, Pneumatics, and machine vision.

Each team started this week by attending the assigned technology training, such as Keyence PLC, SMC Pneumatics, and Cognex Vision programs. Having mastered the basic programming skills, the team members are now shifting the focus to brainstorming and developing engaging and fun labs that utilize these technologies. Along the way, each team member will cross-train the other two teams in their focus technologies. The end goal will be for each team to make a game that incorporates Vision, PLC, and Pneumatic applications.

The competitive spirit of this assignment is emphasized by each team adopting its mascot and name.

Team Marksmen are learning the Keyence PLC software to program the PLC controller to efficiently control the robot during the competition. 

Team Capybaras are learning how to utilize the Cognex vision system to help their MotoMini detect and manipulate objects.

Team MotoMind is learning to automate their MotoMini using SMC pneumatic components. Their lab objective is to allow their MotoMini to use pneumatic suction holders that are essential for the game they are designing. 

We are excited to observing the adventure of each of the three groups and cannot wait for the day when the three teams will merge their applications into a series of competitive games.

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