IMTS SmartForce Student Summit 2022 Follow up

Thank you for visiting us at the IMTS SmartForce Student Summit 2022!

Dear Student Summit Patrons,

We all at GennFlex appreciate your interest in our training solutions! It was great to meet you in person. We had a chance to quickly discuss what brought you to the show and what we, GennFlex, offer to the industrial training marketplace. Now that we discovered a few touchpoints where our interests overlap, let’s start a more detailed and substantive conversation.

A quick recap of GennFlex

As we have discovered in our conversations, many schools are offering robotics classes as part of their STEM curriculum. Those classes are typically based on the Vex Robotics, Lego, or Project Lead the Way (PLTW) solutions. These programs are great in getting the younger learners excited about technology and possibly steering them toward engineering careers. Regardless of the individual program’s shortcomings, they all typically fulfill this function. At the peak of these programs, the students learn to build bots and compete in championships, like First Robotics. Great! Once the programs are over, there will be a group of students that would want to make the next step. The problem is that in most cases no higher level of Robotics training is offered to them. That leaves a massive gap between the learning outcomes of the PLTW, Vex, and Lego programs and the actual skill sets and credentials that the industry is looking for.

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