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GennFlex develops innovative robotics and automation training solutions. Our solutions span various levels of industrial training offered at schools, colleges, and workforce development organizations. Our core team brings together a mix of educators and manufacturing industry professionals, thus offering the perfect synergy of experience, automation technology, and scale to build advanced training solutions that meet the challenges of the Industry 4.0 revolution.

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Industrial Training Principles

Our solutions are designed to provide industry-relevant training in a blended classroom environment, where theoretic instruction is supported by application-driven labs.
Our curriculum incorporates exercises, labs, and projects that are validated by students using our industrial-grade machines and robots.
Through our strategic partnerships with the leading global brands, we have access to the latest technologies. We integrate these technologies as the core components in our industrial-grade RTM series robot training modules.
We provide comprehensive hands-on competency-based curriculum to develop students’ future employability.
Following the education industry best practices, we maintain a 2:1 student-to-robot ratio in most of our robot programming classes.

Robotics Training

GennFlex offers a turn-key robotics training solution that enables educators to conduct beginner to advanced levels of robotics training and provide industry-acknowledged certification. This solution includes essential hardware, accessories, licenses, course material, and teaching aids.

Instructor Training & Certification
Curriculum, Learning Paths & Student Seats

Blended Classrooms

Introduction To Robot Programming course does not require any prior knowledge of robot programming. General robotics-related knowledge acquired during this course is brand agnostic; however, the robot programming skills are specific to the robot controller brand installed on your training module. We blend the following three methods of instruction into our program:

Digital content

Interactive video classes delivered via GennFlex LMS. These general knowledge online classes provide an initial understanding of the covered subjects. These classes are a prerequisite to the main in-person instructor-led course.

Instructor-led Classes

Introduction To Robot Programming course teaches the basics of robot programming, integration, and simple applications. During this course, the students learn the fundamentals of robot movement, programming, inputs and outputs, sensors, palletizing, and conveyor use.


We further strengthen the theoretical knowledge with the hands-on labs that focus on the subject matter covered in the classes. Each class is designed to offer an even balance of instruction and practice time.

Robot Programming

Course Diagram

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