About Us

Our Team, Vision and Values

GennFlex develops innovative robotics and automation training solutions. Our solutions span industrial training offered at schools, colleges, and workforce development organizations. Our core team brings together a mix of educators and manufacturing industry professionals, thus offering the perfect synergy of experience, automation technology, and scale to build advanced training solutions that meet the challenges of the Industry 4.0 revolution.

We are in the process of launching GennFlex Technology Institute in Wheeling, IL, which will function as our local automation integration and training center. GTI Training Center will focus on designing innovative robotics applications and turning them into application-driven skill-based programs tailored to the local community requirements.

We ally with industry leaders such as Yaskawa Motoman, SMC, Keyence, and Cognex to ensure that we use production-grade equipment, software, and technologies in our labs and training programs. Our goal is to make advanced automation solutions accessible to all organizations in Illinois and beyond.

We look forward to cooperating with the community in helping all interested in the modern automation technologies to cross that knowledge bridge and enter the workforce armed with Industry 4.0-relevant skills and credentials.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between industry and education, to create a level playing field for all, regardless of the location, funding, and experience, and to get a fair opportunity to learn the exciting manufacturing technologies that pave the way to Industry 4.0.

Our underlying guidelines for creating GennFlex Training solutions are:

  • Accessible

    We make our solutions accessible to all school districts regardless of their location, urban or rural, by offering our Mobile Training delivery to the location where the training is requested. No special power source or equipment is required - our training modules all fit through standard 32" doors, they only need a standard 100V outlet and a clean room with basic classroom equipment.

  • Affordable

    We make our solutions affordable by offering different options of equipment procurement: you can buy, lease or rent our products. The best option for you will depend on a number of factors, such as duration of the training, enrollment levels, availability of trained instructors, to name a few. To assist in picking the right option, we have developed the lease financing and rental calculators.

  • Industry-Relevant

    We work closely with the R&D teams of the leading global makers of robotic and automation equipment to ensure our training programs remain industry relevant in two ways: are based on the latest manufacturing technologies, and allow the shortest possible time of technology adoption from the OEMs' production lines to our training curriculum. Thus, the knowledge our students gain throughout GennFlex training is immediately applicable to the realities of modern manufacturing.

  • Production-grade

    Our solutions are built on the most advanced production-grade robots and machines so that there is little to no gap between the knowledge and skill sets gained in training and the experiences required by the industry.

These demanding guidelines often require true ingenuity in the flexibility of thinking, planning, development, and application. Hence the name of our company – GennFlex. We believe we have created innovative solutions that disrupt the current methods of industrial training delivery. We are building our future with Industry 4.0 training solutions and welcome you to join us in this pursuit.

Culture Of Innovation

Our track record of innovation positions us as the leader in the industrial education market. This comes from years of working hand-in-hand with the machine manufacturers on integrating their products into unique training solutions. From robot to CNC machine training, and anywhere in between, we have the scale and resources to reduce costs and time to market.

Factory worker controlling a robot

Industry-Leading Technologies

Building unique robotic training solutions have helped us develop deep experience in related technologies and tooling. We build our products using industry-proven components, controllers, and software from the leading industrial brands. Our modules get the students as close to the actual work environment as possible while keeping them in a safe learning environment.

Strategic Alliances

To accomplish the scale, breadth and depth of our solutions we partner with the leading global brands to ensure our products are built using the leading edge technology platforms that are used in real production environment. We join forces with consulting and educational solutions companies to distribute our products to educational organizations nationwide.